Tips for Bonding with Baby from Angel Wellbeing Clinic’s Parent Coach

Here are ‘Ten tips for bonding with baby’ from our parent coach Emua Ali. Emua is the parent of four children and a qualified parent coach having worked with parents for over 15 years.

Dads are parents too and can feel a bit marginalized initially, so if you are a dad with concerns or worries Emua can help you too and then you can help mum and baby.

Here are some simple tips to help you bond with your baby and develop a secure attachment. This will help your baby to settle and reduce emotional and behavioural problems later on:

1. Make eye contact and speak with your baby from day one.

2. Give your baby your time and you will grow together.

3. You are your child's first teacher, so sing, laugh and play together.

4. When your baby cries, avoid sticking a bottle or breast in their mouth
straight away. Find out what your baby is trying to communicate to you.
Your baby may not be hungry. Are they bored? Is your baby wet and needs changing? Does your baby need some attention?

5. Do what comes natural to you and your baby and listen to your instincts.

6. Baby's love games like peek-a-boo, funny faces and they love watching your face and listen to the sound of your voice and as you play with them. Let your baby see you cooking, cleaning and doing household chores as they enjoy your company and describe what you are doing to keep them entertained and interested.

7. A settled baby is a happy baby and they enjoy routines like bath time, story time, nap time, meal times and once a routine is established you can also have family time and couple time.

8. The more time you invest in your baby when they are small the closer you will become and this leads to a secure attachment. Baby feels safe and comfortable.

9. Do ask for help from friends and family. You need to build a team around the family and get support from others. Being a parent is the hardest job in the world but the most rewarding.

10. You cannot spoil a baby so give plenty of cuddles, kisses and hugs and the more you invest in your baby's emotional bank account when they are small, the higher the dividends you will get back when they are older because you will have a strong bond and cooperation will be easier.

If you want to find out a bit more about Angel Wellbeing Clinic’s parent Emua Ali and how she can help you and your baby click here.

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