Pregnancy and Massage

Hi there,

I’m Julie Curran and I’m the massage therapist at Islington’s Angel Wellbeing Clinic and I specialise in sports and rehabilitation massage as well as in the treatment of mums to be.

• Are your emotions playing havoc with you?
• Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep?
• Are you worrying about finances, preparing the nursery, weight gain, exercise, labour   &   delivery?
• Are you experiencing constipation and cramping?
• Are you aching in parts of your body you didn’t think could ache?

I don’t have the answer to all of these problems– although I will say that regular massage treatment throughout your pregnancy will help with a lot of these things and prepare you better emotionally to deal with this life changing event!

My experience in treating woman throughout their pregnancy has proven to be beneficial physically and mentally. Feedback from previous clients has been that labour & delivery is much more comfortable following regular massage treatment throughout the pregnancy. Also, their sleeping patterns have improved which is great when you have to start to deal with a crying baby!

Getting a good night sleep during pregnancy can be a source of anxiety and frustration for many mums-to-be.

What happens to slleping habits in the different trimester’s?

First trimester

• Insomnia is relatively common and is caused by the hormonal changes of pregnancy

Second trimester

• Sleep problems are rare as hormones stabilise.

Third trimester

• Insomnia often occurs in the third trimester.

As the third trimester progresses there's more pressure on your lungs and you fatigue more easily but start sleeping more poorly. Therefore regular massage can help towards a good nights sleep….avoiding the horrible feeling of sleep deprivation.

Specialised massage during pregnancy can be beneficial, relieving the discomfort of backache, aching hips, swollen ankles, feet and hands. These are all due to fluid retention.

How can pregnancy massage help me?

Many studies show that women who receive regular massage throughout their pregnancy tend to have shorter labour with fewer complications. Studies have also shown that women who receive massage at least twice a week before delivery have lower levels of stress hormones. This is very impoartant as this reduces the risk of premature delivery and postnatal depression.

“women who receive (pregnancy) massage at least twice a week before delivery have lower levels of stress hormones. This is very impoartant as this reduces the risk of premature delivery and postnatal depression”.

The specialised techniques used at the Islington clinic for pregnancy massage, address the discomfort associated with pregnancy and helps relax muscle tension and improve blood circulation, improving nourishment to both mother and baby.

Pregnancy massage has a range of benefits including improvement in posture, helping to reduce swelling in the hands and feet, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prepare the body for childbirth. In addition, a relaxing massage has been found to help alleviate the common problem of insomnia during pregnancy.

Regular pregnancy massage can help:

• Reduce back pain and ease general aches and pains caused by pregnancy
• Encourage a better nights sleep
• Lower levels of stress hormones
• Reduce blood pressure & fluid retention
• Improve circulation & mood
• Reduce anxiety
• Enhance health and nourishment of the skin
• Boost energy levels and most importantly

Postnatal massage can help restore the body to its pre-pregnancy state, helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and improving skin tone, reducing water retention and increasing circulation – thereby speeding up the healing process.

It is important to note that pregnancy massage is not a replacement for prenatal care.

No matter where you are in your prengancy I can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and better experience of childbirth. If you have already given birth I can help you with your post-natal recovery.

If you want to arrange for a massage at the Islington clinic, or if you want to email me please click below. If you want to discuss your massage needs call the clinic and I will phone you back.

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