The second blog entry by our patient training for the London Marathon. Okay, it doesn't sound like a blog about running but it is. It is just that she is a very complex person!

Pancakes and the art of dressing yourself

I’ve spent most of my week chained to a desk and the most physical exercise I’m managed is operating a hole punch or picking up some lunch from Pret….. I did manage to get out for run on Sunday but I think the sleep deprivation must be getting to me because I managed to leave the gas hob on (I blame the new pancake diet – see below) and also ran for over an hour with my running leggings on back to front. They actually felt more comfortable that way so I might keep doing it and I would urge anyone to try this.

My sister bought me a subscription to Runners World for my birthday and I am loving the recipes but kind of got fixated on an article in the February issue about pancakes. This has resulted in a diet based almost solely on pancakes (blueberry and coconut, or banana for breakfast and a Mexican version with corn, guacamole and chilli sauce for dinner) …

I’m not entirely sure this is a nutritionally complete diet but, in any event, I think I’m more likely to meet my demise from causing an explosion from leaving the gas on than not having enough of whatever vitamins and minerals pancakes are lacking ….

Running Theory

It’s bloody freezing and I’m working too much but the good news is that Julo* informs me that my body is in tip-top shape. Muscles are totally relaxed. Clearly exercise is bad for me.

Up until it turned Baltic and work took over my life I was managing to get in some regular runs and swims and a run/swim combo on the weekends which involved running to the lido, swimming and then running home (looking like a drowned rat).

The stretching was also going moderately well too but where I think I’ve been excelling is in the field of running theory. My brother had a theory about how to run a 10km in under 40 minutes. This involves him saying “one, one, one, one, one” to pace himself….

Apparently it makes him run faster than if he says “one, two, one, two, one two” (army style)** I mocked this ‘theory’ until he did his last 10km in 39.59 (pretty bloody accurate on the “one, one, one” counting) so I thought maybe I should expose myself to some more running theory and with that I signed up to a seminar on marathon training.

The marathon training seminar was run hosted by an Ozzie rugby player (well – I think he was Ozzie and he definitely looked like he was a rugby player) who introduced the three speakers in turn.

The first was a physio who began her spot by diligently listing some of the problems she commonly sees in runners: ITB problems, tight hamstrings, groin strain, shin splints, lower back issues….. At this point Julo*, who was sat next to me, looked over at me and kindly pointed out that I have every single one of those problems….

Apparently, this marathon/tri is as much a trial for her (to keep me in one piece) as it is for me to actually motivate myself to do some training on a freezing day….

The second speaker was a doctor who seemed a bit obsessed with periods (apparently low iron levels is a big problem for female runners).

The last presenter was the runner who seemed not to have any particular expertise other than he liked running A LOT and had done a ridiculous amount of marathons. His useful tips included: trying out all your running kit before a big race, setting out your socks and shoes the night before (kind of reminds me of being about four years old), checking TfL and packing some snacks for afterwards. He favoured Yazoo chocolate milk and Mars bars, which made me feel a little suspicious that he had some kind of sponsorship deal going on. Forget the protein shakes - I think this might be Yazoo’s big break!

*Julie Curran – the best massage therapist in the world. (Add ‘o’ to the end of any name to make it Australian).

**I’m unsure how he’s going to break his PB on the basis of this theory as presumably saying “nought point nine, nought point nine, nought point nine” is going to slow him down?!

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