Forget Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

By Grayce Bartlett, massage therapist in Islington

STOP! Nutrition, the most important thing of our lives, or it should be anyway. We were brought up with the mindset of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, which for some people just doesn't work!

I have 6 meals a day, consisting of carbs, protein and fat, all the essentials our body needs to function. That does mean I can be eating chicken, sweet potato and veg at 10am! But, it works for me and my body.

We hear at least every day of people who are trying to lose weight, or put on weight/muscle mass, but the common problem is that we just aren't eating enough (of the right things!). Yes, even if you want to lose weight! Trust me!!!

We need to be eating every 3 hours, other wise our body goes into 'starvation mode' and starts storing fat and eating muscle, as it genuinely doesn't know when it's going to get fed again. Most of us go 4/5 hours without eating, then wonder why we are feeling 'hungry' (hungry/angry), and why we always crave something sweet in the afternoon, our body is calling out for food!!! Our sugar levels drop, and our body then stores the fat, just in case we aren't going to eat for a while, it all goes back to cavemen times.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, EAT regularly. Every 3 hours, small meals. Get out of the mind set of "It's lunchtime so I need a sandwich or soup", our body needs feeding, from all food groups. Try to find out what works for your body, whether you respond well to good fats or good carbs. Stick to single ingredient foods, not processed, artificial rubbish, and stay away from sugar.

Good foods include:

Protein Carbs Fat
Eggs Sweet potato Avocado
Chicken Brown rice Cahsew nuts
Turkey Green veg Nut butter
Lean beef mince   Coconut oil
Lean steak    


Grayce Bartlett is the massage therapist in In Islington but she is also a keen body builder and is looking to compete in a bikini body building competition later this year. she is full of knowledge and is keen to share it so any questions about massage or keeping fit, ask her!

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