Getting Fit and Staying Injury Free when Training

Hi, I’m Julie Curran and I’m the sports massage therapist at Islington’s Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

I have a keen interest in sports injuries and back in Australia I treated a number of sportsmen and women, and I was closely associated with a number of sports clubs.

I have been at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic for two years and treated Liz in the passed although her signing up to complete this triathlon (& not to mention the marathon in October) will be a test on her and me.....

My test will be to keep her body in tact her test will be whether she takes my 'home care' advice . . . . e.g. stretching more frequently, regular treatments & strength work.

Liz has problems with her hip flexors, quadratus lumborum muscles, calf muscles & glutes. In our sessions we mainly focus on these areas. Applying a deep pressure with trigger points we release these areas giving her relief.

So I need to hand you over to Liz and she will carry on from here.

First episode…………!!!!!

New Years Resolutions…

blog about training for london marathonSo, we’re now well into February and most people’s New Year’s resolutions are already a distant memory…. Mine would ordinarily be too, and to be fair some* of them have already fallen by the way side, but foolishly I signed up to do a marathon; triathlon and 100 mile bike ride before my enthusiasm for what is clearly not meant to be a lucky year faded.

It’s now starting to dawn on me that signing up to enter events is the easy part and that I am actually going to have to do some training in order to avoid humiliation and actually have a chance of completing any of these events. I seriously don’t know what I was thinking at New Year, I have barely ridden a bike or done any swimming since I was at school, now well over a decade ago, and have been carrying a hip injury since 2012.

I got a bike for Christmas but, apart from one ridiculously frightening ride through central London, during which I caught my pedal on the pavement while going over Tower Bridge, I haven’t actually ridden it.

I have, however, managed to come up with a whole range of great excuses to avoid getting on the damn thing. Most of them centre around the dangers that come with riding a bike in London, or when it’s wet, or when it’s cold (because my hands might not be able to work the breaks which seem to have been positioned on the wrong part of the handle bars). However, I’ve got a plan: I bought a turbo trainer, an invention I didn’t even know about until a couple of months ago but means you can train for a bikeathon without ever having to leave the house or miss an episode of ‘How I met your Mother’. At present it’s acting much like a display facility for my sparkling new bike but it’s a first step right?!

I’ve done marginally better on the swimming having been approximately three times this year so far and what’s more I have a much better excuse for my woeful lack of training in this area. I had laser eye-surgery in mid January and for a week prior to the surgery you’re not allowed to wear contact lenses, so I was too blind to swim for that week. Then to avoid going blind after the procedure I had to follow the post eye-surgery rules and was not allowed to swim for two weeks, which is kind of ironic given that you have to wear goggles in bed during the same period…. Anyhow, I’m going swimming tomorrow so am feeling a bit more positive that swim training will actually happen.

Without a doubt running is my strongest discipline but I’ve been carrying injuries all year and have only ever done half marathons so not sure the body will hold out for the full 26.2 miles of the marathon (or the last leg of the triathlon). Julo** is always telling me I need to stretch more, use the foam roller, stop walking around in heels and carrying bags on one shoulder, drink more water, do yoga and take Epson Salt baths.

So I’m trying to follow this advice – I’ve definitely got the bath thing down but not sure that bathing while listening to The Killers is what was intended... I’ve also been going to yoga but this week that seems to have caused more injury that it’s prevented. Until I had a massage this afternoon I couldn’t turn my head fully to the left as a result of some over enthusiastic shoulder standing.

So, in the face of fear I’ve spent Saturday night preparing a training regime for the next few weeks/months. I intend to spend tomorrow putting it into an excel spreadsheet and colour coding my schedule depending on the discipline and intensity.

Now if I can only persuade the organisers of the London triathlon to exchange cycling or swimming for a leg involving formatting excel spreadsheets (i.e. acting like a dickhead) I think I’ll be in with a chance of completing at least one of my remaining resolutions.

*Other resolutions included: getting laser eye surgery (done); drawing a picture every day (fail); giving up sweets and ice cream (epic fail) and drinking more sensibly (I went to watch Ireland v Wales in Cardiff last weekend - drinking started at noon - say no more).
** Julie Curran – the best massage therapist in the world. (Add ‘o’ to the end of any name to make it Australian).


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